Dino Lift 230T

Road Towable Boom Lifts

Dino Lift 230T

DINO 230T boom lift reaches a working height of 23 metres. Boom movements are controlled with a proportional joystick, making smooth and simultaneous operation boom movements possible. The basket can be rotated for greater versatility.

The steel boom is composed of four sections. Thanks to the on-board sensoring system, the basket driving speed remains smooth and pleasant even at high outreaches. Boom rotation is continuous.

The spider-type outriggers, controlled electro-hydraulically, enable easy positioning of the machine on the job site. Pressure-sensitive outriggers with interlocks ensure proper and safe support for the lift.

Equipped with a 2.2 kW electric motor and a 5.8 kW Honda generator, this allows the use of the DINO 230T and electric tools even where electric power supplies are not available.


  • Highest quality components – reliable and robust
  • Oversize slew ring for increased boom stability
  • Continuous turret rotation, no restrictions
  • Built for towability – no manufacturer speed restrictions
  • Big cage capacity of 215kg
  • Emergency back up battery
  • Full ground and cage operating system
  • Joystick control in cage in weatherproof covered panel
  • Easily manoeuvrable by one person


Working Height 23m
Max Outreach 11.73m
Cage Capability 215kg
Cage Size 700mm x 1300mm
Weight 2960kg
Length 8150mm
Stowed Width 2050mm
Stowed Height 2240mm







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XTC Series Brochure pdf Dino Lift 230T.pdf

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