The new Platform Basket 43T, although a 43M working height boom this latest generation spiderlift can Stowe as low at 1.985m and only 1.405m Wide.

The first 43T has now arrived in the UK and gone straight out to work, the machine boasts a seven section telescopic boom, topped by a two section telescopic articulated jib. It offers a 43.2 metre working height, an outreach of 17.3 metres with 136kg in the platform while the maximum platform capacity of 330kg is available at an outreach of up to 13 metres and 230kg up to 16.5 metres, with a three person rating.

Its multi position outrigger system allows it to level up on slopes or steps with height differences of up to 1.8 metres as well as lift the entire machine 1.3 metres clear of the ground with a width of over 2.5 metres – sufficient to reverse a trailer or truck bed under for loading without the need for ramps. Overall width ranges from a minimum of 1.41 metres with a height of 1.99 metres to an extended width of 1.9 metres. Total weight is 12,570kg.

This sure is going to be a popular Spider.