Bad Weather Access Platforms

With the onset of winter and the probability of ice and snow, adverse weather conditions make it essential to have the correct heavy bad weather access platforms to reach those heights safely.

In almost all instances, appropriate access platform selection is key to the safe operation and efficiency of any job at height and the make and model of machine being used will depend on the specific needs of that job. Heavy duty access platforms are needed where the job has an added element of risk, for example:

– Unusual ground surfaces such as ice, sand, mud or railways
– Adverse weather such as strong winds or heavy rain
– Lifting heavy weights and equipment

– Overcoming obstacles at ground level and at height

In these, and other risky scenarios, a strong foundation and robust lifting mechanisms are essential. Fortunately, as powered access platforms are flexible and mobile, several types of machine are able to rise to the challenge.

Spiderlifts have great flexibility and include articulated or hydraulic mechanisms that both lift and reach out. This makes it easier to position the work platform in hard to reach spaces. This flexible lift and outreach also means they can avoid potentially dangerous obstacles such as branches, buildings or overhead power lines. With their stabilizing outrigger legs they can safely anchor the machine for use on uneven or sloping ground. The Promax Spider 33.15 is perfect for poor terrain and adverse weather.

Road Rail
Road Rail access platforms have the duel ability to operate on road and rail tracks without affecting the speed or functionality of the equipment. It is easy to switch from one operation mode to the other and it saves money as well as time by reducing the need to hire locomotive plant or attempt access through protected or remote areas of countryside. They are robust and efficient and used for a wide range of essential jobs at height on the national railways including repairing and installing signals and posts and structural inspections of bridges, stations and embankments. The Promax RR14 EVO-2/400 meets all these requirements and is RIS 1530 issue 5 compliant.

Bad weather access platforms are able to reach remote locations, operate on unusual ground surfaces and provide a strong and stable base in extreme conditions. Safe working saves lives and boosts the productivity, even in unique working environments.