Buying a Compact Crane

Buying a compact crane offers an excellent lifting solution for many jobs at height. Extreme working environments require access equipment that is safe, flexible and powerful.

Cranes in our Reedyk compact crane range are powerful and have precision movement, even in locations with restricted space for operation. Theses factors make them ideal to lift a full range of load types from fragile materials to heavy items.

Promax Access Ltd is the exclusive UK supplier for the Reedyk compact crane range which are suitable for use by industries ranging from glass fitting, to construction. The balanced design means the lifespan of the machine is considerably longer than with traditional compact machines. Our Reedyk compact crane range will deliver big benefits, for example:

  • Up to 42 per cent shorter and 32 per cent narrower than similar lifting capacity compact cranes
  • A rotating counterweight which means that up to 45 per cent less space for levelling
  • Hydraulic telescopic outrigger legs which will position anywhere
  • Machines work seamlessly indoors or outdoors with duel fuel options (diesel/electric) to reduce noise pollution
  • The ability to pick and carry loads of 1,000 kilograms
  • A flexible knuckle boom and hydraulic jib for excellent movement and precision
  • Inbuilt safety mechanisms include Load Torque Safety with stability control and a CAN bus system
  • Radio remote control with a Display
  • Storage compartment for (lifting) accessories

Buying a compact crane
Always buy from a reputable supplier such as Promax Access Ltd. We will talk you through the features of the machine and the benefits to your business and help you make the right choice for your specific needs.

Compact crane operatives must undergo full training in their use by UK law.  The CPCS A66 Compact Crane course is one of the most comprehensive accreditations by employers and contractors in the UK. It combines hands-on practical assessments with and classroom based theory sessions to cover machine use, the law and risk assessment.

A designated crane supervisor should direct and supervise the lifting operation to make sure it is carried out in accordance with the pre-job risk assessment. They should be experienced and competent and have authority to stop the job if necessary.

Reedyk compact cranes offer a unique and specially designed solution to lifting problems in confined spaces. They are compact, lightweight and able to stabilise in a wide range of work locations and environments. If you already work at height they could be a valuable addition to your working fleet, saving time and money and ensuring the safe lifting of important loads.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like more details. Alternatively, our friendly staff are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have on 01226 716657 or via our handy live chat function.