Buying Used Powered Access Platforms

Anyone buying used powered access platforms is making a big decision.  However, it could make a major difference to the safety and speed of working at height and enable a business to take on more jobs.

New access equipment can be expensive to buy, but buying used powered access platforms is a cost effective and beneficial way to build a machine fleet. Most used access platforms, when bought from a reputable supplier are pre-owned by trusted businesses, and come with a full service history so you can have confidence in the quality of the access equipment you are buying.

If you are thinking about buying used powered access platforms here a few reasons why they might suit your business needs:

Cost – Small and medium sized businesses can make significant cost savings by buying a used access platform, especially if they are frequently spending money on renting access platforms. Over time, investing in used access equipment can be an affordable solution for business that have regular and multiple jobs at height.

Time saving – It takes less time to complete most jobs at height by using powered access platforms. There is a model of access equipment to suit a wide range of high level jobs including construction, maintenance, window cleaning, tree surgery and even interior work. Access platforms are flexible and mobile, quicker to set up and operate and safer in most instances, than traditional climbing methods such as ladders or scaffolding.

Increased safety – Used access equipment from a reputable supplier or rental firm should come with a detailed and up to date service history record and proof that it has been inspected and complies with current safety legislation. Ask about the credentials of whoever has done the work to make sure they are fully trained and experienced.

Choice of platform – While buying used access equipment to support your business may have multiple benefits, it is still important to research the right type of access platform for your specific needs and, if you do decide to buy, to make sure that it suits the needs of your business and that anyone working with it is fully trained to use it.

Used access platforms are more affordable than new machines and can save time on completing jobs, and money spent on renting equipment, especially for businesses with a smaller turnover. The most important decision to make before you decide to buy is to find a reputable and reliable supplier of second-hand machines who can provide the relevant documentation on servicing and maintenance and can guarantee quality and reliability for anyone who chooses to make an investment.