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Large venue maintenance

Large stadium maintenance can be difficult, even in the largest modern stadiums. Spurs new 62,850 seater Tottenham Hotspur Stadium but, did you know it is the third largest stadium in England? It’s quite the undertaking to build such a stadium, but also to maintain and improve it. How do staff stay safe whilst maintaining it? For the answer we’d like to take you to Tottenham Hotspurs pre season friendly with West Ham United. The venue, Australias third largest stadium, the 61,266 Optus stadium in Perth Australia. Opened two years before the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the Optus is of very similar proportions. The scale of the maintenance, as well as health and safety compliance can be overwhelming without the right access equipment. Access to high areas in large stadiums for maintenance can be a daunting task.

Our spiderlifts inside the Optus Stadium

That is the task facing Skywalker rope access, the Perth based company recently did large stadium maintenance on the Optus. This included roofing work, lighting and ducting and also height safety systems all high up in the stadium. To achieve this Skywalker turned to Australian access legends Preston Hire, a fifty years veteran in the global access market. These access experts are multi trade mark holders and have sites all over Australia and clients spanning the world. Their innovation in access platforms is up there with the worlds best, creating several “super series” platforms for a whole range of uses. However, the platform that they recommended in this case was our very own Platform Basket 33.15 Spiderlift. Here it can be seen with a Skywalker team working on the Optus Stadium, thanks to this pic from Preston Hire. Promax Access are proud to have a small part in the maintaining of one of Australias most prestigious stadiums

Sports venue access platforms

The Platform Basket 33.15 spiderlift is just one of a whole range of high quality sports venue access platforms available here at Promax Access. The Platform Basket range has lots of features that fit seamlessly with large stadium maintenance. They are equally at home working indoors, as they are outdoors, and they can pass through a standard residential door width for internal jobs. The handy and lightweight design means low ground pressure on delicate surfaces such as turf and running tracks, or polished and tiled floors inside. This is perfect for both of these multi-use stadiums, particularly when rigging stage equipment for concerts. Thanks to their soft rubber tracks and zero turning radius, the Platform Basket spiderlift range is incredibly nimble in tight spaces. Air, water and power hoses are concealed within the boom. This means that the operator does not have to worry about trailing cables and hoses. This is ideal for large stadium maintenance as all those are confined within the footprint of the platform, even when fully extended! We top these features off with a choice of fully electric and hybrid versions, and our spiderlifts can operate fume free whilst also quickly moving between work sites.

Promax Access specialise in providing high quality large stadium maintenance platforms for the sports industry at home and abroad. We can offer a wealth of advice on choosing the right access platform for the job. Contact us now for more info.

Photo by Preston Hire

Platform Basket 43T

Built To Last

Built to the highest standards at the state of the art factory in Italy the new super tuff 43M working height spider 43T. This is our completely new chassis design that utilises many of the common components found in our Spiderlift range. The new Platform Basket 43T has an innovative design enables the machine to go almost anywhere. Our latest spiderlift access platform has over 17m of outreach and a negative working ability to work below ground level. It has a massive cage capacity and yet compact dimensions at only 1406mm wide and under 2m high whilst stowed.

Super Strong

A super strong build is enough to take you to those far off, hard to reach areas. It is ideal for reaching remote telecoms towers or electricity lines that are located off the beaten track. The new Platform Basket 43T is low maintenance and hoses have been routed externally. Various power sources are available with choices of the latest diesel engines and AC & DC electric motors or the latest hybrid technology.

Interested In A Platform Basket 43T?

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