Forestry Access Platform

Increased Ground Clearance

Our forestry access platform has increased ground clearance. This makes it easy to travel across difficult terrain whilst avoiding damage to the machine.

Low Ground Pressure

Whilst working on customers lawns, low ground pressure is extremely useful. This avoids damage and sinking whilst travelling over soft and wet ground.

Operation On Uneven Surfaces

The cranked outrigger style allows you to set up on steep inclines and any uneven ground. This includes set up on uneven bankings, steps and rocky areas.

Petrol & Diesel Options Available

Our forestry access platforms come with either a kubota diesel or a Honda petrol engine. Both options have a secondary electric motor for silent running.

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    Forestry Access Platform Information

    Forestry Access Platform

    Forestry workers are all too familiar with the challenges of access at work sites. Uneven or soft and muddy terrain is not an uncommon challenge to deal with within this industry. Therefore having to navigate rough terrain without damaging equipment can be almost impossible if conventional access platforms are required. Our forestry access platform has increased ground clearance for travelling to work sites over uneven terrain. As a result, this prevents damage to the chassis which can be sustained on the way to the work site.

    Forestry Industry Specific Features

    Our forestry specific platforms have low ground pressure to spread the weight on the way to work sites. As a result this prevents damage to delicate areas such as lawns, patios and paths both before, and during setup. The robust tracked chassis is ideal, not just for poor terrain but also navigating narrow paths and gateways with ease. In addition, the high speed tracking option will get you from the trailer to the work site both speedily and easily. Likewise on site, the cranked outrigger style sets up on steep inclines and uneven ground with maximum stability.

    Forestry Access Platform Range

    At Promax our forestry access range is very reliable and our support for our customers is second to none. We are proud to successfully provide for our forestry customers needs in the UK access platform market.

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