The Mighty Mini Crane

It’s not just the huge tower cranes that get the big jobs done, mobile and adaptable compact cranes can also make a big impact on the building site. Those tricky, hard-to-get-to places inside a building are just where a mini crane shows its value. A Great Dane is no good for ratting – a Terrier is made for the task. So it is with mini Cranes – the mighty Terriers of the awkward place.

Heavy Loads In Tiny Spaces

Lifting heavy loads in confined spaces is always challenging. The use of an A-frame and chain hoists is labour intensive and the use of a fork lift truck entails certain risks. A compact mini crane with a flexible boom is perfect for the job. Hydraulically-powered telescopic legs with step less extendibility and a swivel function allow the operator to exactly position the legs where they provide the greatest advantage for the intended lifting position. Set up time is very quick and with white non-marking tracks and fume-less electric power, the effect on their surroundings is minimal. They are also very quiet in operation. This is especially important when installing elements in shopping centres and offices.

A New Breed Of Mini Crane

The new breed of mini cranes also have radio remote control. This expert combination of hydraulics, mechanics, electrical engineering and control technology allows use in places previously considered inaccessible. Operating from a safe distance allows precision and increased safety for everyone.

Mighty Mini Crane

Mighty Mini Crane  Benefits

  • Only needs a fraction of the space a tower crane needs
  • Easy and quick set up increases productivity and efficiency
  • Perfect for work in limited access areas
  • Suitable for tough lifting jobs that need delicate handling
  • Environmentally friendly to both surroundings and people
  • Remote control allows precision control from a safe working distance

Promax Access provide a range of compact cranes giving you powerful lifting capabilities – right where you need it.