Powered access platforms boost outdoor events

Across the UK, during spring and summer fetes, festivals and exhibitions are an important part of the annual calendar and powered access platforms have made staging  outdoor events much easier.
Whether it’s a small scale street party, a carnival through busy town centre streets or a music festival set out over a large site, access platforms are flexible, mobile and able to operate safely on a wide range of surfaces and ground conditions.

Selecting equipment

One of the best features of access platforms is how flexible they are and there is a model or type for most locations; urban and rural. Mobile access platforms, for example, are fixed to a van or truck base to move between multiple sites in the same location and elevate quickly.

For soft or fragile ground conditions, a scissor lift or other type of tracked access platform will spread the weight of the machine and reduce the pressure at ground level and scissor lifts are also ideal for working in confined spaces.

If elevation and extension are required, access equipment with a telescopic boom is ideal the avoid obstacles and access hard to reach spaces.

Jobs on site
– Putting up bunting, street lighting and decorations
– Stage construction including roofing, lifting steelwork and maintenance
– Setting up and taking down lighting rigs, lasers and pyrotechnics
– Working on sound equipment
– Fixing and operating film and television cameras for broadcast
– Maintenance during the event and site clearance afterwards

Safety tips

The same safety rules apply to access platform users regardless of whether its a private or public event. By law, all operatives should be fully trained to use powered access platforms and familiarised with the specific machine they are using.

A full and detailed risk assessment should also be carried out to identify any hazards in the work area and on site in general so steps can be taken to avoid them. At the end of the day, these events are for everyone to have a good time and should not be marred by risk taking or serious accidents.

Often at outdoor events, the work needs to be carried out while the event is going on and there are thousands of people around. When used properly, access equipment is one of the safest ways to work up in the air, at speed. Make sure you carry out a full risk assessment which includes looking out for pedestrians and create a safe working area so neither operatives or members of the public are at risk.

Outdoors in the British summer is unpredictable at the best of times. Wind, rain and mud are all potential problems. Conditions can change quickly so check the forecast at regular intervals so you can select the correct equipment for the job and avoid accidents. Personal fall protection is also highly recommended.

The country’s outdoor festivals are spectacular and world famous, attracting crowds of thousands and powered access platforms play a key role in making them a success. For flexibility, stability and safety they are the best choice for working at height for anyone planning an outstanding summer event.