Powered access platforms for private use

Powered access platforms are widely used for commercial and business purposes but they are also suitable for jobs on private property and land.

Buying a powered access platform is a big financial commitment so most private users are people who have a regular need for working at height and suitable capacity to store a large machine such as landowners and farmers.

Even if access equipment is being used privately, anyone operating the machine must comply with UK law which includes being adequately trained and carrying out a full and detailed risk assessment. Falls from height can be fatal so operatives must be confident in safe operation and know what to do in case of an emergency.

Risk Assessment tips
Identifying hazards and potential risks in the workspace and taking steps to avoid them are are essential. The risk assessment should include:
– Narrow or limited access
– Obstructions and obstacles at height and ground level
– Unstable or fragile ground
– Varied ground conditions such as paths, lawns or driveways
– Hard to reach or confined spaces

Never work alone on private land; always make sure there is someone who can respond if things go wrong.Choose the right machine to perform the necessary task safely and effectively.  Access equipment must be serviced every six months and checked before starting any job to ensure all functions are safe and operational.

Because powered access platforms are mobile and flexible they are suitable for a range of jobs on private property:

Building Maintenance – Guttering, painting , pointing and brickwork are all jobs which require a stable working platform for elevated safety.
Window cleaning  – Windows on buildings and constructions that can’t be reached by conventional climbing equipment such as ladders can be accessed quickly and safely by powered access platforms.
Roofing – Working on roofs can often be dangerous as they are often fragile and hard to reach when replacing panels and tiles. Powered access platforms can lift people, tools and equipment safely and speedily and are ideal for short duration roof work including inspections, maintenance and repairs.
Tree surgery and landscaping – Powered access platforms save time and energy wasted on climbing and hoisting up tools. They are used for clearing falling branches, trimming and maintaining trees in walking areas, planting new trees, and removing dead ones.

Powered access platforms can work flexibly on big or small jobs and are a safer way to complete short duration work at height. Regardless of whether the job is commercial or private the same attention to detail, planning and focus on safety will ensure it is completed with optimum results.