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Powered Access Platforms For Property Maintenance

“I run a property management company. Can you tell me why I should consider your powered access platforms for property maintenance” A question we often hear at Promax.

That’s simple. All buildings require regular maintenance to protect the value of the owners’ investment. From domestic buildings to large industrial and commercial structures they all need the same protection from the elements.

Guttering and pipes need cleaning and repairing; facias and soffits need treatment and replacing; roofs suffer storm damage; electrical and communication cables need installing and checking; bird damaged areas need cleaning and spike deterrents installed; brickwork needs repointing; cladding needs installing or replaced. These are just a few of the jobs that property owners turn to buildings maintenance companies to get done.

Powered Access Platforms for Property Maintenance

For the property maintenance specialist, all these jobs require working at height safely and efficiently. Our powered access platforms for property maintenance (MEWP or “Cherry Picker”) is essential.  They are versatile, compact and accessible. Their ability to work in confined spaces and on difficult terrain along with a high level of outreach and reduced ground pressure provide outstanding performance. They are user friendly with intuitive operating systems providing an efficient and secure working space for personnel.

To Sub-Contract or Not to Sub-Contract?

Many property management companies sub-contract the maintenance of their buildings to specialist firms. These are companies that offer not only access platforms, but also highly skilled personnel. This is an outgoing that companies will pay from profits. They perceive using the correct machinery and working safely at height as a costly expense. However, they want the work carried out as cost efficiently as possible without a compromise to quality. Actually owning your own powered access platform for property maintenance is a cost effective way key to success in this area of your business.

Promax Access Specialise in Access Platforms

We can help to source the correct high level access platform to suit your specific requirements and realistic budgets. Our range of equipment reaches from head height up to nine or ten story buildings. Our powered access platforms for building maintenance are suitable for both internal and external work. They are transport easily and will access through narrow passageways and doors. The Promax team have extensive experience and advice and is just a phone call away.

If you are looking to win larger contracts in Property and Building Maintenance then the addition of a powered access platform is a key step to success.