Powered Access Platforms for Road Rail Maintenance

The UK’s vast rail network must be kept in prime working order and powered access platforms play a vital role in keeping the tracks clear and safe and to minimise delays.

Many miles of railway track run through remote rural areas where, during summer and autumn, trees, leaves and vegetation can pose a risk to safety by causing an obstruction or obscuring vital signals and signs. Accessing some areas and keeping on top of the growth can be a challenge, particularly during summer and autumn.

Road rail access platforms are designed to overcome these access problems  and operate on both road and track in urban and rural environments, saving time and money and making maintenance work significantly safer.

Benefits of road rail platforms
Modern road rail access equipment is safer, stronger, more robust.  The flexibility to operate on roads and on railway line means the machines are able to cope with a variety of tasks in a wide range of different locations and environments.

Speed and performance are not limited by the duel functionality of road rail access platforms as they can switch easily between the two operating modes and they have a minimal impact on the countryside and environment.

Throughout the year, road rail access equipment is used for a variety of essential track clearance and vegetation management jobs including:

– Clearing verges and embankments of vegetation and debris
– Leaf collection from tracks and track sides
– Cutting back overhanging trees and branches
– Improving visibility of signs and signals which may be obscured
– On and off track weed killing
– Hazardous tree removal

Promax Access Ltd stocks the biggest selling road rail access platform – the EVO-2/400 Hydrostatic drive version of the Basket RR14 EVO

Just a few of the features include:

13 km/h rail travel speed
400 cage capacity
4WD to reach areas that are off-road
Automatic turret levelling – 200 cant
Auxiliary diesel engine
Operation on a 1:16 gradient
Intuitive control system

Road rail access platforms offer a fit for purpose and safe solution to clearing and maintaining railway lines to ensure that there are no delays which are expensive and a huge inconvenience to passengers.