RR14 EVO 2/400

rail access platform pan head

RR14 EVO 2/400

Max Working Height: 6m

RR14 EVO 2/400

This product specifically works with the Platform Basket RR14 EVO-2/400 as an attachment that gets power from the machines hydraulic system. Our product is a high quality, demountable height and stagger, panning pantograph. A simple installation via a bolted connection onto the machines fixed bracket will secure the pantograph. The RR14 EVO-2/400 pantograph fits directly above the fixed end rail axle. Adjustable uplift pressure will ensure that the pantograph mast maintains an accurate position to the rail head at all times. This position is maintained regardless of track cant, curves or boom position. The 3-section mast is very compact and also has power for extension and retraction. Electrical and hydraulic power is also provided by the machine.

The RR14 EVO-2/400 pantograph features an option to display and record not only height but also stagger measurements on the move. A standard NWR approved Brecknell Willis head comes with this unique attachment. Our pantograph has full contact carbon strips and is excellent for use as a panning unit at the end of each shift. The pantograph features electronic height and visual stagger, to measure height by a high accuracy laser. This feature is enclosed within the mast and read on a multi-function display unobtrusively mounted in the cage. A graduated scale also displays the stagger reading. The stagger measurement is also on the multi-function display and so is measured by two opposing laser units. Measurement recording with data logging and GPS positioning information is available for download for use with. This too is conveniently removable by the operator.

RR14 EVO 2/400
Pantograph key features

Multiple Options

3 pantograph options are available - electronic height & visual stagger, electronic height & electronic stagger and also measurement recording.

Emergency Recover

An important safety feature of the RR14 EVO-2/400 pantograph attachment is the simple but useful emergency recover system.

Records Data

Data records are available for download onto a removable SD card. This data can also be viewed in Excel as well as graphics.

Fully Powered

The RR14 EVO -2/400 pantograph attachment is fully powered, which means it cannot lift accidentally. Thus ensuring maximum safety.

RR14 EVO 2/400
Pantograph key benefits

RR14 EVO-2/400 Pantograph Close Up


This attachment will fully demount from the machine. It will quickly and easily re-attach.

RR14 EVO-2/400 Pantograph Attachment Head

Automatic Detection

This pantograph attachment has automatic overhead line detection and automatic contact loss detection.

RR14 EVO-2/400 Pantograph on Machine

Boom Operation

When connected to the machine it does not affect the operation of the boom.

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