Selecting the Right Powered Access Platform

Powered access platforms offer a speedy and safe solution to get people, tools and equipment to heights safely and quickly, but with a wide variety of machinery types, it is important to select the right powered access platform for a particular job.

Most access equipment is flexible, mobile and can access areas with restricted space, improve site safety, and save money. Different types of access equipment are specially designed for jobs in certain environments. Choosing the wrong type of machine can slow a job down, costing time and money, and increasing the health and safety risks to the workforce

What to consider

The most appropriate access equipment for a job will depend on a number of factors for example:
– Are there any steep slopes?
– What are the ground conditions like?
– Are there obstructions such as steelwork, overhangs or power lines?
– Look for fragile surfaces such as tiled floors or pathways
– What space is there to load at floor level?
– How high up is the job?

Benefits of powered access platforms

Powered access platforms can lift people and equipment to significant height in less time than it takes to climb a ladder or scaffold. They can be transported, set up and utilised quickly and easily depending on the demands of the job.  Larger platforms can be road towed for setup on-site, or vehicle-mounted platforms offer maximum portability. Some models can be moved safely while the platform is raised; a major benefit for completing multiple jobs in different locations on or off site.

For tighter spaces or building interiors, spider lift access platforms are lightweight with low ground pressure. They can be used internally or externally without damaging floors or pathways and will fit through standard-sized doorways and gates.

Even jobs in extreme conditions are accessible with all-terrain vehicles that have four wheel drive and four wheel steering options to access hard to reach places and levelling controls that stabilise on steep sloped ground.

Lightweight and compact powered access platforms can access jobs which are hard to reach or dangerous. Boom lifts have a telescopic reach which can avoid obstacles such as architecture or overhanging branches. Spider lift access platforms are designed for use in confined spaces, including jobs indoors. They can can even pass through a standard sized doorway.

Powered access platforms are a simple solution for lifting both people and essential equipment at height. Heavy tools or materials, specialist equipment or breakables can be raised safely and quickly. Modern models have the capacity to anchor additional safety equipment such as a lanyard or harness

Training in the use of access equipment is required by law but will benefit businesses in the long run as the equipment can be used quickly and efficiently by a small number of staff.

Powered access platforms, are mobile, safe and flexible but it is important to choose the right make and model for your specific needs so you can get the maximum benefits of safe and speedy lifting.