Spider Boom Lifts

Flexible height and outreach are often important factors for working at heights and boom lift access platforms are an excellent solution for lifting to hard to reach places.

Boom lifts have a wider range of movement than some other types of access equipment and can get around various obstacles in the built and natural environments. They are specially designed to tackle jobs on or offsite that are high up and in hard to reach places.

Here are some of the main benefits of boom lifts:

Range of movement – Unlike some access equipment that is designed for just moving up and down from one position, boom lifts can move both vertically and horizontally. The articulated or telescopic boom configuration makes it easier and safer to lift to areas which might be otherwise out of reach.

Avoiding obstacles – Many buildings and spaces have obstructions which need to be avoided for safety such as branches, architecture or even geographical features that can get in the way of an access platform and cost time and money to get round.

Stable foundations – Strong stabilizer legs are used to support the machine on the ground and they can reach heights of up to 50+ metres. Spreader plates should be used with ‘Spider’ lifts to reduce the pressure point between the outriggers and the ground.

Indoor working – Boom lifts can be used indoors or out and most models come with an electric motor as standard to minimise indoor noise disruption. Some models have lightweight mechanisms so they can operate without damaging floors or delicate ground.

Accessible – Boom lifts up to 22m are generally road towable on  a suitable trailer. The tracked chassis means they are easy to position safely and accurately.

Boom lifts are the platform of choice for a range of industries working at height including construction companies, window fitters, engineers, tree surgeons, councils, public utilities and rescue organisations.

Before using a boom lift, or any type of powered access platforms, a full risk assessment should be carried out to identify potential hazards and work out how to avoid them. Monitor ground conditions carefully and consider obstacles at height and on the ground for a full safety assessment.

Boom lifts offer flexibility for a range of hard-to-reach jobs, both indoors and outdoors. They can overcome obstacles that might otherwise cost time and money to get around with other models of access platform and are easy to move around and set up. A combination of strength, stability and reach make them a popular choice of access equipment with a range of professional sectors and services who need to work quickly and efficiently at height, in a variety of working environments.