Spider Platform – That’s a Tight Squeeze

Why A Spider Platform?
Promax - That's a tight squeeze

Not all jobs that require a spider platform are located outdoors or in open spaces. Some, such as interiors, gardens or courtyards are in very confined spaces. Working at height in unusual spaces pose a number of challenges for

professional teams.

In addition to the usual safety concerns for the workforce, it can be complicated to get the necessary equipment to the work area, let alone set it up and start using it. A spider platform often needs to be transported through a tight space and set up, taking care not to damage the surrounding environment and making sure the machine is fully operational and safe despite these additional limitations.

Our spider platform range has been specially designed to work in areas that are inaccessible to other powered access platforms and to provide maximum functionality, indoors or in tight spaces.

The name comes from the shape of the stabilizer legs which fold up to enable the lift to be used in narrow spaces and to pass through standard width doorways or gateways which would be problematic for other types of lift. This clever design does not mean a compromise on the overall functionality of the lift as they are still able to safely reach significant heights, and have strength and stability on uneven and sloping surfaces.

Spider lifts can be used indoors or outdoors on all terrain but have a number of features which make them particularly useful for jobs indoors or in more delicate areas. These include:

• A tracked chassis to spread the weight of the lift over a larger area and reduce the ground bearing pressure, preventing damage to fragile floors or pathways.

• Electric motor power option for indoor use which reduces operational noise.

• Not only lower overall weight than other types of access platforms but also no reduced functionality.

• Easy to transport as most are road towable.

• Radio control options for use in tight space.

The narrow design and low ground pressure make them flexible and reliable on delicate surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. The spider platform legs can even be set up in different positions on different ground levels meaning the machines can be used in compact spaces where other lifts are unable to work.

Spider lifts are the least disruptive type of powered access platform making them flexible and adaptable for a range of unique and specific jobs. They have reduced noise, flexible access and can be used on most surfaces without compromising safety, functionality or causing damage to more delicate surfaces, even in the most unusual spaces.

See our full range of Spider platforms, please see our tracked spider lift access platform page which has all the information you will need.