Uses For Access Platforms In Spring

The lighter nights and warmer weather of Spring mark the start of the peak seasonal time for working at height with powered access platforms.

The new season means many industries, such as construction, utilities or landscaping, are ready to tackle more complex jobs at height which are less frequent in winter months when outdoor working hours are shorter and conditions are more unpredictable.

Access platforms are a regular feature on an offsite in spring and summer when the working benefits can be used to significant effect. These include:

– Significant height and outreach to work around obstacles on the ground and at elevated levels
– The ability to work indoors or outdoors in a range of locations including on steep gradients and different surface types
– Mobile access platforms are vehicle mounted for ease of use and able to move between multiple jobs quickly and easily
– People and equipment can be lifted easily to work from a safe and stable platform, even in hard to reach places

Here are just some of the jobs that access platforms are used for which become more frequent in the spring:

Landscaping and tree work uses for access platforms
Parkland, estates and rural areas need clearing of dead leaves, fallen branches and debris, and replanting for the spring growing season. Powered access platforms are also widely used by tree surgeons as they offer a speedy way to climb trees, lift tools and move between locations. They are used for clearing falling branches, trimming and maintaining trees in walking areas, planting new trees, and removing dead branches.

Urban maintenance uses for access platforms
Winter storms cause damage to roofs, signs, streetlights and buildings and cause other maintenance issues. Access platforms are ideal for tackling these small but important jobs. Access equipment, such as spider lifts, can move easily around urban areas, including through alleys and gateways, operating safely in confined spaces.

Gutters clogged with leaves and grime can seriously affect building structure and roofs if water is left to back up and access equipment offers a safe, secure platform to work on repairs from, especially if roofs are fragile.

Cleaning uses for access platforms
Windows cover a large percentage of modern buildings, shops and industrial units and window cleaning in winder is infrequent. Powered access platforms are used to reach windows quickly and clean even hard to reach areas. Industrial cleaning firms use them widely in the spring and summer months.

Powered access platforms are flexible and versatile to tackle jobs in a variety of working environments and spring is the start of a range of annual jobs at height which they are ideal for. In urban and rural areas they offer a stable and secure platform to lift people and tools, to clean up the debris of winter and prepare parks, gardens and urban areas for the fast growth and warmer weather of the summer months.