Tracked Access Platforms – What You Need to Know

A stable ground surface is essential for safely working at height and tracked access platforms offer a solution for these unique, but not uncommon, working environments.

Tracked access platforms reduce the risk of working on fragile or delicate surfaces such as interior floors, pathways, and pavements, ice and snow, or sand. The most common types of tracked access platforms are spider lifts which are versatile for use on interior and fragile floor surfaces. Spider lifts can operate in small or confined spaces and can even fit through a standard-sized door or gateway.

Many all-terrain access platforms are tracked as they have to function on delicate and dangerous surfaces such as slippery mud, wet sand, or ice. They are used for jobs at height in more extreme off-road locations and weather conditions.

Tracked Access Platforms Main Features

The main features of tracked access platforms are:
Variable fuel options – Petrol or diesel engine, AC mains electric for indoor or silent works or Lithium battery option
Portable – Road towable by trailer behind a 4×4 or van
Ground clearance – Cranked outrigger design for increased ground clearance
Adaptable tracks – Track widening system options and non-marking rubber tracks for indoor working
Cage options – Quick and easily detachable cage and air, water and power lines to cage
Smart controls –  Remote control and simple intuitive operating system

For 16 years, Promax Access Ltd has been the UK’s premier supplier of compact tracked access platforms. Our innovative range of narrow and low ground pressure spider lift access platforms are lightweight. They not only operate indoors on fragile floors but also outdoors on gardens and driveways, without damaging fragile surfaces. The design will pass through a standard doorway or gateway, and travel along a narrow path or corridor.

In extreme or unusual environments, tracked spiderlift access platforms offer significant benefits over wheeled platforms. They improve safety, stability and functionality. Our machines will access and operate safely in challenging locations and unique conditions. Also offering an extra level of flexibility that will get the job done.