Spider 13.65

Why Use a Tracked MEWP?

What are the benefits of a tracked MEWP?

In a nutshell they can tackle some of the most extreme and difficult ground conditions – both safely and effectively.

Because they run on a continuous track rather than on wheels, they have the ability to work on delicate surfaces both indoors and outdoors. The tracks spread the weight of the powered access platform over a wider area and exert a lot less pressure on the ground than when the weight is spread between four wheels. This means they are ideal for fragile surfaces including:

Garden pathways
Interior flooring
Soft mud
Wet sand
Ice and snow

The most common type of tracked MEWP are spider lifts which are designed to access and operate in tight spaces that may be inaccessible to other types of access platforms. For some specialist jobs at height, tracked access platforms may be the only way to get the job done. If there are weight restrictions, or height and width limits to reach the job, then a compact design and ability to operate across a variety of ground conditions are a major advantage.

Promax Access offers a range of innovative narrow and low ground press tracked Spider Lift Access Platforms such as the Spider 13.65.  This is an ultra compact and lightweight tracked MEWP featuring a telescopic boom with versatile fly-jib.  Easy to set up with dual power options, it’s perfect for internal and external work where there is limited space and access or on fragile ground conditions

Spider lifts can be used on steep slopes and are able to fit through a standard doorway sized gap if necessary. They are used by a diverse range of industries working at height because of their flexibility and adaptability to interior and exterior working environments.

Some of the key features include:

Able to stabilize on sloping ground
Can be used indoors with an electric motor for noise reduction and white tracks to prevent marking floors
Great ground clearance for difficult work sites
Tracks and boom can be controlled proportionally
Can fit through a standard size, single doorway or gate

However, it should be remembered that tracked access platforms may not be suitable for all jobs. An initial risk assessment prior to working outdoors may indicate that the four wheel drive capacity of a dedicated all-terrain access platform may be needed to reach jobs at height in more extreme off-road locations and weather conditions.


A tracked MEWP offers versatility for a wide range of jobs at height. They can be used on many ground surfaces and the low ground pressure provides stability and safety on internal floors, on gardens and driveways, and in soft outdoor ground conditions. Combined with a spider lift, they are one of the most adaptable and useful lightweight powered access platforms available.