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We are the UK’s premier supplier of spider lift access equipment for over 19 years. Our exclusive and superior quality range continue to exceed operator expectations every time they are in use. We offer an innovative range of narrow and low ground pressure tracked Spider MEWPs to suit a wide range of industries that work at height. Our entire range of tracked access equipment are designed to cope with the most rigorous demands of the operator. All of our access platforms are built in the strongest materials but with the minimum weight for minimum ground pressure.

Specialist Spider MEWPs

Our entire spider lift range is so narrow that they will pass through a standard doorway or gateway. Not only doorways and gateways, but also narrow paths externally, and corridors internally. This means that our tracked spider lifts are the most practical, versatile and lightweight access platforms currently available. Furthermore, our lightweight tracked spider lift access platforms will operate internally on delicate flooring. With such low ground pressure our boom lift will not damage fragile surfaces and floor types. This makes our exclusive range the ideal access solution for many industries. Our entire range of tracked spider lifts are safe and easy to set-up and use for any business that needs a high level tracked access solution.

Versatile Access Platforms

Powered access platforms are also fantastic to use outdoors. So unlike some of our competitors, our access platforms are equally at home in gardens, on driveways and paths as they are in shopping centres. Tracked spider lifts will not only maintain a level on the most uneven ground, but will also keep the operator feeling safe and secure while working at height. These are just some of the reasons that our range of tracked spider lifts make the most difficult jobs seem effortless.

Spider Lift Range

At Promax Access we’re spiderlift specialists who pride ourselves on our wide range of compact tracked access platforms available for sale. This includes a UK exclusive range of spider MEWPs that are all available to view here on our website. The majority of our tracked spider lift access platforms can be towed easily on the back of a standard trailer. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like more details. Alternatively, our friendly staff are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have on 01226 716657.

Frequently asked questions

Spider lifts are tracked access platforms that are both nimble and versatile. They’re either fitted with an articulated or telescopic boom lift and mounted to tracks. Spider lifts have the added benefit over traditional cherry pickers as outriggers are used to add stability and disperse weight. Spider lifts are also known as tracked boom lifts, tracked cherry pickers or MEWPs.

The compact design of a spider boom lift makes it easy to maneuver through tight working spaces. Spider-tracked MEWPs offer 360° rotation in operation with some models fitting through a standard doorway, making them perfect for working indoors. Tracks also disperse weight more efficiently ideal for when working on fragile flooring and don’t leave marks like a tyre would do. Common places of operation include atriums, churches, and shopping centres.

Tracked boom access platforms are incredibly versatile. They work just as well outdoors. A spider boom lifts tracks also makes light work when travelling over soft ground or rough terrain.

Tracked spider lifts are designed to remove some of the common pitfalls of scissor lifts and cherry pickers. As with all aerial work platforms, safety precautions are needed. Spider lift elevated platforms however have much greater flexibility when it comes to positioning. They’re also lightweight, removing some of the risk involved with working in poor ground conditions. The outriggers provide stability for uneven terrain, such as tree trimming, making them the ideal choice for arborists.

Spider MEWPs or atrium lifts are a type of articulated boom lifting machine. They’re a lightweight aerial lift running on a track, mounted with four legs that provide additional stability. Spider lifts are the preferred choice for forestry work and in tight working conditions, such as indoors. Many heritage and religious building buildings use spider MEWPs because they’re lightweight, removing the risk of damaging delicate flooring.

Platform Basket are a leading manufacturer of tracked access equipment, and are considered one of the foremost spiderlift specialists in the world. Promax have represented and are the sole supplier of Platform Basket in the UK for over 21 years. They’re an established & respected European manufacturer of tracked MEWP spider lifts and rail access platforms. Based in the North of Italy, Platform Basket are at the forefront of powered access innovation, design, and manufacturing. Their new state-of-the-art production facility ensures they continue to produce the most reliable working at height platforms on the market.

Our Spider Lift MEWPs lifting capacity range from 200KG to 330KG, depending on the model. We also supply a range of cage options to suit specific requirements including compact 1-person, large work cages & also fiberglass (GRP) options. The versatility of our MEWP spider lifts covers all scenarios, from rough terrain forestry work to complex building sites, and even heritage sites where the flooring needs preserving.

We were one of the very first access companies to introduce multi-powered hybrid access machines into the UK. This compliments our diesel and lithium battery powered access working platform range. Hybrid spider lifts give the user more flexibility and operational longevity when working on site. Recognising the value added to MEWP operators and spider hire companies looking for hybrid lifting platforms, all our ‘spider’ lifting platforms are now available with a hybrid option.

Our spider lifts are built with strong steel construction. This gives a real heavy-duty feel and offers good protection and instills assured confidence whilst operating the machine.

We have our own in-house highly experienced & factory trained mobile engineers, covering the whole of the UK. Most operational problems can be resolved quickly using the onboard machine diagnostics display. Usually, the problem is solved with a quick phone call to one of our helpful support engineers. We hold a fully stocked parts department to cover a range of spider lifts, established over many years.

Yes, although incredibly compact, when extended in the wider tracking position, our tracked chassis design also lifts the machine to provide big ground clearances when working at high levels. This is ideal for forestry workers and arborists travelling over poor terrain, obstacles and fragile flooring, such as tree roots to perform tree trimming operations. All our tracked spider lifts are manufactured with a cranked ‘bent’ stabiliser leg design and variable jacking to provide a further increased ground clearance when setting up on uneven ground & steeper inclines.

We offer a choice of the latest reliable and industry-leading engines in all our spider lifts, including Kubota & Hatz diesel or Honda petrol, to suit your personal preference.

The remote-control systems in our tracked spider lifts are generally supplied radio & cable-free. This is generally the most user-friendly way to operate Spider platforms, as it allows the operator to move freely and unrestricted while performing maneuvers. If preferred and where more suitable, we can offer a cabled remote alternative.

Our range of spider-tracked platforms are innovative. They offer simple, intuitive controls, have proven reliability, and a track record of safe operation. Financially, they offer a highly cost-effective investment with high residual value. In addition, our spiderlift specialists are here, on hand, to help you get the most out of your powered access equipment.

We are a customer & relationship-focused powered access company. We’ve been supplying tracked spider platforms and boom lift equipment for over 21 years. Reliability is extremely important to us and still maintain machines sold in our first year of business. Most of our business still comes from recommendations and existing customers, which is something that we value very highly.

Our tracked spider lifts up to 22m in working heights are easily transportable due to their size and weight (under 3,500KG). They can be towed with a suitable trailer & towing vehicle.

All our spider platforms are supplied as standard with a secondary AC electric motor power source, so they can be simply plugged into a power socket. This versatility is ideal for working indoors or simply providing a silent and fume-free work environment. We also supply hybrid spider lifts and lithium battery-only power, if required.

Additionally, our spider lift MEWPs also have hydraulically adjustable tracks. This allows the machines to work on delicate floors and on-premises with width restrictions.

Yes, several models in our Spider lifting range can be fitted with an optional winch attachment to allow the lifting of goods and materials.

A LOLER examination should be carried out on a 6 monthly basis. Our team of spiderlift specialists are fully-qualified MEWP technicians can carry out this inspection for you. Our engineers are employed in-house and are independently assessed ‘CAP’ approved. We will also remind you well in advance so that we can arrange a mutually convenient date & time for the inspection to be carried out.

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