Spider Lift Access Platforms

Spider Lift Experts

We are the UK’s premier supplier of spider lift access equipment for over 19 years. Our exclusive and superior quality range continue to exceed operator expectations every time they are in use. We offer an innovative range of narrow and low ground pressure tracked Spider MEWPs to suit a wide range of industries that work at height. Our entire range of tracked access equipment are designed to cope with the most rigorous demands of the operator. All of our access platforms are built in the strongest materials but with the minimum weight for minimum ground pressure.

Specialist MEWPs

Our entire spider lift range is so narrow that they will pass through a standard doorway or gateway. Not only doorways and gateways, but also narrow paths externally, and corridors internally. This means that our spiders are the most practical, versatile and lightweight access platforms currently available. Furthermore, our lightweight tracked spider lift access platforms will operate internally on delicate flooring. With such low ground pressure our spider lifts will not damage fragile surfaces and floor types. This makes our exclusive range the ideal access solution for many industries. Our entire spider lift range is safe and easy to set-up and use for any business that needs a high level tracked access solution.

Versatile Access Platforms

Powered access platforms are also fantastic to use outdoors. So unlike some of our competitors, our spider lifts are equally at home in gardens and on driveways and paths. Tracked spider lifts will not only maintain a level on the most uneven ground, but will also keep the operator feeling safe and secure while working at height. These are just some of the reasons that our spider lift range make the most difficult jobs seem effortless.

Spider Lift Range

At Promax access we pride ourselves on our wide range of compact tracked access platforms available for sale. This includes a UK exclusive range of spider MEWPs that are all available to view here on our website. The majority of our tracked spider lift access platforms can be towed easily on the back of a standard trailer. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like more details. Alternatively, our friendly staff are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have on 01226 716657.

Our staff are always on hand to answer any questions you might have

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