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Spider Lift Tree Works

The Perfect Machine For Arborists

UK tree surgeon Thompson Tree Services and arboricultural equipment rental company Cutting Edge Arb have each taken delivery of a 19 metre Platform Basket Spider 20.95 spider lift.

The new machines, supplied by UK distributor Promax Access, offer a maximum outreach of 9.5 metres with an up & over height of seven metres and an unrestricted platform capacity of 250kg. Power comes from a Z482 Kubota diesel while features include width and height adjustable tracks, a 1.8 metre jib as well as automatic outrigger and boom stowing functions.

Lawrence Thompson, owner of Thompson Tree Services said: “We originally looked at a few other spider lifts on the market, some of which offered slightly more outreach but with a reduced platform capacity. The problem is that by the time one of our guys is loaded up with his kit and chainsaw it will already be pushing the capacity at well over 100kg. On top of this, the 20.95’s boom movements felt a lot more steady and controlled than the other models.”

Cutting Edge Arb owner, Chris Fouch, added: “The build quality and durability of our new 20.95 is very impressive and for a rental product aimed specifically for customers the arb industry it has everything you could want. In fact I have already had a number of customers compliment it and request it on future jobs.”

43T Spider Lift

The new Platform Basket 43T, although a 43M working height boom this latest generation spiderlift can Stowe as low at 1.985m and only 1.405m Wide.

43T Spider Lift

The first 43T Spider Lift has now arrived in the UK and gone straight out to work, the machine boasts a seven section telescopic boom, topped by a two section telescopic articulated jib. It offers a 43.2 metre working height, an outreach of 17.3 metres with 136kg in the platform while the maximum platform capacity of 330kg is available at an outreach of up to 13 metres and 230kg up to 16.5 metres, with a three person rating.

Its multi position outrigger system allows it to level up on slopes or steps with height differences of up to 1.8 metres as well as lift the entire machine 1.3 metres clear of the ground with a width of over 2.5 metres – sufficient to reverse a trailer or truck bed under for loading without the need for ramps. Overall width ranges from a minimum of 1.41 metres with a height of 1.99 metres to an extended width of 1.9 metres. Total weight is 12,570kg.

This sure is going to be a popular Spider.

RR14 Working
Spider Lift 33.15

A great photo of Preston Hires 33.15 Spiderlift out working in the sun. This 33.15 was pictured working on un-even surfaces but showing the great out reach of the machine with 15m of outreach. Photo taken whilst working on the Averna Luxury Homes in Melville Beach. WA.

Photo by Preston Hire.

Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus has caused disruption to a lot of businesses this week but Promax Access would like to assure all of our customers that we are still open during our normal working hours to provide support for vital services.

We are practising social distancing at the office to attempt to reduce the spread to the most vulnerable people in our society. We are doing everything we can to support our loyal customer network and maintain vital services such as parts distribution and servicing/maintenance.

Please visit our website regularly for more information on the measures that Promax Access are taking to combat coronavirus and the related problems that this will inevitably bring. For further information on coronavirus please visit the government website for a more comprehensive guide on what to do during this difficult period.

wind damaged roofs in Manchester repairs

Athena’s super compact Platform Basket 27.14 spiderlift showing off the great build quality of the upper boom structure. This photo has been taken recently whilst helping to repair wind damaged roofs in Manchester after the recent storms. This handy Spiderlift access platform has proved invaluable in the race to get properties back in good shape after the recent storms damaged various buildings within the city

Photo thanks to Athena.

Preston Hire of Australia has recently taken delivery of a number Platform Basket RR14 evo 3’s. Fitted with the Australian Tri-gauge system and fully compliant to AS7501 and AS7502. Built from the ground up as a dedicated rail MEWP, these machines are sure to be a winner.

Photo thanks to Preston Hire

A great photo of the super-compact Platform Basket 30T Spider Lift helping out Media Access Solutions whilst on set recently of the filming of a new advertisement for Cadburys.

Photo from Media Access Solutions.

A platform Basket 18.90 Pro Spiderlift belonging to Global Platforms has been out and about on a wet and windy worksite today.

Thanks to global for sharing a great picture.