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A stable ground surface is essential for safely working at height and tracked access platforms offer a solution for these unique, but not uncommon, working environments.

Tracked access platforms reduce the risk of working on fragile or delicate surfaces such as interior floors, pathways, and pavements, ice and snow, or sand. The most common types of tracked access platforms are spider lifts which are versatile for use on interior and fragile floor surfaces. Spider lifts can operate in small or confined spaces and can even fit through a standard-sized door or gateway.

Many all-terrain access platforms are tracked as they have to function on delicate and dangerous surfaces such as slippery mud, wet sand, or ice. They are used for jobs at height in more extreme off-road locations and weather conditions.

Tracked Access Platforms Main Features

The main features of tracked access platforms are:
Variable fuel options – Petrol or diesel engine, AC mains electric for indoor or silent works or Lithium battery option
Portable – Road towable by trailer behind a 4×4 or van
Ground clearance – Cranked outrigger design for increased ground clearance
Adaptable tracks – Track widening system options and non-marking rubber tracks for indoor working
Cage options – Quick and easily detachable cage and air, water and power lines to cage
Smart controls –  Remote control and simple intuitive operating system

For 16 years, Promax Access Ltd has been the UK’s premier supplier of compact tracked access platforms. Our innovative range of narrow and low ground pressure spider lift access platforms are lightweight. They not only operate indoors on fragile floors but also outdoors on gardens and driveways, without damaging fragile surfaces. The design will pass through a standard doorway or gateway, and travel along a narrow path or corridor.

In extreme or unusual environments, tracked spiderlift access platforms offer significant benefits over wheeled platforms. They improve safety, stability and functionality. Our machines will access and operate safely in challenging locations and unique conditions. Also offering an extra level of flexibility that will get the job done.

Buying an access platform can be a massive boost to businesses that work at height – both in terms of efficiency and safety – but it is a big investment so it is important to make the right choices before you buy.

Buying an access platform is the safest and quickest way to lift people and equipment to significant heights and hard to reach places. The ability to operate safely in different spaces and environments means they are suitable for a wide range of industries that work at height including construction, utilities, landscaping and maintenance firms.

Buying An Access Platform – The Benefits

There are a number of benefits to buying an access platform:
– They are the fastest and safest solution to lift people and equipment up to hard to reach places
– The investment will pay for itself over time by saving on rental costs
– They are faster than traditional climbing methods such as ladders or scaffolding
– There is a strong market for pre-owned access equipment

Whether you are buying new or used powered access platforms, here are some important things to consider before you buy:

Decide on a budget

Buying an access platform is not cheap to buy so you want a strong return on your investment. Set a budget and consider how it could save money such as increasing your business capacity. However, there are additional costs to ownership including insurance, storage and maintenance.
Some suppliers can offer finance plans for customers to spread the cost of the access equipment over an agreed time period. There are accredited lending schemes with payment options including hire purchase, leases and contact hire.

Select the right machine

Spend time researching the right platform for your business need to ensure your investment is worthwhile. Consider the necessary height reach, how much weight the access equipment will lift, and transporting the machine to each job. Choosing the right type of powered access platform is essential for safety on the job and can save time and money as well.

Buying a safe access platform

Servicing and maintenance at regular intervals – every six months for most powered access platforms – is a legal requirement to comply with health and safety regulations. Always buy powered access platforms from a reputable supplier. Access equipment should have a full service history record. Make sure the work is done by a qualified inspector or alternatively an engineer.

Know the Law

The operation of powered access platforms is governed by UK legislation to minimise the risk of serious or fatal falls from height. Every operator must receive full training in inspecting as well as using the equipment. Operators will also train to spot hazards and coping with a rescue situation must also be covered in training. Regular servicing and maintenance are also legal requirements.

Whether you are buying a new or used powered access platform, take time to research reputable suppliers. It is the supplier who will advise you on the best make and model to suit your needs. In the long term it will not only save money but also improve training and health and safety standards. This could even lead to new and repeat business.

The safe operation and management of powered access platforms is regulated by a number of important pieces of UK legislation which are currently being reviewed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Powered access platform inspections are a legal requirement.

Powered access platforms are used by a diverse range of industries that work at height, from construction to tree surgery and utilities and all of these have different needs and requirements for how they use the machines. However, regardless of the business sector, all access platform operatives are bound by the legislation which is in place to ensure that jobs are completed safely and equipment is kept in prime working order throughout its lifetime.

Changes To Requirements For Access Platform Inspections

The HSE review covers the requirements set out within health and safety legislation for the access platform inspections. The key pieces of legislation are:

  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)
  • Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR)
  • Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAH)

All types of businesses that work with powered access platforms and lifting equipment are invited to share their views with the HSE on how the legislation supports or impacts on their business and if any improvements could be made to make access platform inspections even safer and more effective.

The survey will include all aspects of safety inspection including pre start checks and familiarisation and also the requirement to ensure that access equipment is serviced every six months by a fully competent person.

If you have experiences, views or suggestions related to complying with these requirements, HSE would like you to share them by completing the surgery which can be found at www.hse.gov.uk or by emailing examinationreview@hse.gov.uk

The survey will be open until at least the end of September. Responses received will be reviewed and a final closing date confirmed.