Are you ready for LOLER?

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) is the main piece of legislation covering all types of workplace lifting equipment and inspections of access platforms need to be carried out every six months.

Falls from height are still the most common cause of workplace accidents and injuries so the law is clear about the safe use of lifting equipment, including powered access platforms. LOLER sets out the legal requirements of employers and self –employed people who are responsible for providing lifting equipment at work.

Without a valid LOLER certificate, it is not safe to use your machine which is why Promax Access Ltd offers free service to their customers to remind them when their next inspection is due. Simply input the date of your next inspection on the form on our website and we will get in touch in plenty of time to remind you when it is due.

All makes and models of access equipment are covered by LOLER, including the platform itself and the mechanisms used to stabilize and support it.

The aims of LOLER

Inspect the equipment. All machines should be serviced and maintained at regular intervals and properly inspected before every job.  A thorough inspection of the powered access platform and any accessories such as personal safety equipment should be carried out before it is used for the first time on any job and it should have a thorough examination carried out by a competent person every six months, if it is used to lift people.

Make sure the access equipment is strong and stable enough. Choosing the right type of access equipment for a specific job should always be a primary decisions. It should be positioned to ensure the maximum safety of people working both at height and at ground level.

Never overload access platforms. Every machine has a safe working load that it can lift without causing instability or increasing the risk of falls. This should be marked on the machine and should include the maximum weight of people and equipment and the number of people the access platform can safely lift.

Plan every job carefully. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) all jobs involving lifting equipment should be:

– properly planned by a competent person
– appropriately supervised
– carried out in a safe manner

All jobs at height need a risk assessment which continue throughout the course of the job to identify hazards and enable you to plan an prevent them. It should be supervised by someone experienced and competent.

Complying with LOLER means businesses are meeting their legal requirements and getting the full benefits of professional lifting equipment. Go to and let us help you to comply with the law for safe and effective elevated working.