high level glazing - cleaning glass structures at height

Cleaning Glass Structures At Height

Reaching new heights in the glazing industry

The use of more glass in buildings is becoming increasingly more popular with architects. Innovative technology will allow for more unusual shapes as well as more sustainable products to be produced with glass. But what about cleaning glass structures at height?

It’s used in windows, facades, roofs, elevators, balcony railings and internal structures such as stairs and inter-level pathways. Not only is “structural glazing” becoming more popular but high-tech coatings to the glazing provide higher energy efficiency.

There are two other key factors:

Firstly, in terms of being environmentally friendly, 30 percent of the raw materials for new glass comes from melted old glass.

Secondly, it’s hygienic and easy to maintain.

However, safely cleaning glass structures at height can be challenging. Whilst easy to clean and maintain, reaching the exact place to carry out the cleaning and maintenance can be the hard part.

Spider lift access platforms with their manouverability and telescopic booms provide the safest method of accessing those high glazing structures, both indoors and outside.

Which Access Platform is Best For Cleaning Glass Structures at Height?

Whether the access platform is bought or hired, there are some essential questions to answer:

• What height does the operator need to reach?

• How far out?

• What weight will be lifted?

• What size cage will be needed?

• Is the cage detachable?

• The turret rotation that is required?

• What length “working envelope” is needed?

• What power source is needed?

• For access – what minimum width and height are needed?

• For ground surface – the total weight of the platform?

• Is remote radio control needed?

Expert advice

Promax Access has been a market leader in the UK for over 15 years. They are not only leading providers, but also pioneers of spider lift access platforms and lifting equipment solutions. Our team of experts and engineers are available to answer questions and provide guidance in choosing the most suitable powered access platform.

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