Save money with your MEWP

Your MEWP – make it work for you and save money

Five easy ways your MEWP can work for you

Powered access platforms are flexible and ideal for a range of different jobs at height. They can save money for businesses of all sizes, whether they are used frequently or on a job-by- job basis.

Five ways that your MEWP could save your business money:

1) Buy or rent

Larger companies with multiple jobs at height can save on the rental costs by investing in their own equipment. With the extra advantage of being able to brand up their plant and train multiple operatives to use it, it is well worth considering. Owning your MEWP also allows flexibility in scheduling where and when it can be used across different projects.

Smaller firms can save money by renting access equipment as they go which saves on the initial expense of buying new equipment, on-going storage costs and the maintenance and servicing of a machine that they won’t get regular use out of.

If business improves and rental costs begin to accumulate then it may be time to look at owing your own MEWP. Before jumping in with a large capital outlay, look at the thriving market for second hand and used access platforms which are a cheaper option.

2) Time

Traditional methods for working at height such as scaffolding take time to erect and take down which needs to be priced into a job. There will be circumstances where this is the best option for the job but powered access platforms are the safest and quickest way to lift people and equipment to significant heights.

The access equipment can be brought to site, moved around if necessary and people lifted and lowered in a matter of minutes for a vast range of jobs. The mobility of access platforms also means they can be used for multiple jobs in different locations. More done in less time = saves money.

3) Safety

Falls from height account for most work-related accidents and the use of access platforms has shown significant reductions in the number of falls because:

People are lifted in a cage and not required to climb
Equipment is raised the same way and not winched up
Safety harnesses are used on most jobs as an additional support
Access platforms have excellent stability even on sharply sloping ground
Current health and safety legislation means it is compulsory for all operatives to be fully trained in inspecting, operating and using access equipment and identifying potential hazards

4) Flexibility

Powered access platforms include a wide range of machines that have specialist features for different jobs and a variety of lift and outreach distances. Some machines such as boom lifts have the ability to reach over and around obstacles and others are able to operate off road and on all terrains.

If narrow doorway access is required, there are compact MEWPs available.

Selecting the correct equipment will save money by eliminating many of the potential problems and delays caused by using machines that are too heavy, inflexible or not fit for purpose.

5) Access

Access is essential to the success of many jobs at height and powered access platforms offer a solution to most working problems. For example, machines such as tracked access spider lifts can be used indoors or outdoors and are lightweight and adaptable for fragile ground surfaces. There are also duel function access platforms which can be driven on the road and on railway lines to reach difficult parts of the track. All-terrain vehicles that are four wheel drive and durable for use on ice, mud and sand are also available.


Often the cost of a job comes down to how quickly and safely it can be completed and how to cause the minimum disruption. Whatever the size of your business or the nature of your work, if you have to carry out jobs at height then powered access platforms can save you money. They are safe, easy to operate and fully mobile and flexible for a wide range of jobs and locations.